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Nanda was born in the UK and has been painting since she moved to New Zealand almost 20 years ago. From a generation where a university degree didn't have to map onto a career choice, a degree in Biology hinted at what was to come, but her creativity led to a career in IT as a designer/programmer. With the arrival of children, she joined in their art classes initially and then moved on. She has never had a formal education in art, preferring to work with artists running evening and/or remote classes.

Her interest in nature found expression in the National Parks and  Conservation Reserves throughout New Zealand; also sailing in the Hauraki Gulf, being privileged to crew on the Classic yachts Waitangi and Thelma.  

Arriving in New Zealand at a time when the great big gorgeous green parrot, the Kakapo, was in danger of becoming extinct, she developed a keen interest in native NZ birds and their protection. A short stint as a professional photographer led to the acquisition of a good Nikon camera and subsequently many bird photographs! So it was not a surprise that a series of bird paintings developed. Her current interest is representing trees and bush with paint.

She is currently to be found most Sundays on Motutapu Island in the Hauraki Gulf as part of a volunteer team chasing down the nasty Moth Plant which is an ever present threat trying to strangle the 20 year old volunteer planted forest.